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Washington is ready to discuss the status of missiles and military exercises with Moscow

Amid the tensions over Ukraine, a senior White House official said on Saturday that talks could begin Sunday evening in Geneva.

A senior White House official said Saturday that the United States is ready to talk with Russia about the two countries’ missile hardware and military exercises, during discussions that may begin Sunday evening in Geneva.

US and Russian diplomats are meeting in Switzerland to try to defuse tensions over Ukraine, while the United States and Europeans accuse Moscow of preparing a new invasion of Ukraine. “There are some areas (…) where we think it might be possible to make progress“Provided that no promise”mutual‘, this source was called up, giving some details during a conference call.

«Russia has said it feels threatened by the possible deployment of offensive missile systems in Ukraine. (…) The United States has no intention of doing so. This is an area where we can find an agreement if Russia agrees to pledge the same.“Moscow,” said the senior official, who asked not to be named.He also showed an interest in discussing the future of certain missile systems in Europe in accordance with the principles of the INF Treaty.” And “We are open to discussionAbout it, said the senior official.


Finally, Washington is ready to discuss.Possibility of mutual limitations on size and rangeThe source said that military exercises were conducted by Russia, the United States and NATO. “We will not know until we begin these talks tomorrow night whether Russia is ready to discuss seriously and in good faith.He warned, noting that the Russians and AmericansProbably the first conversation on Sunday evening‘, a decade ago’Monday main meeting” in Switzerland.

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«We treat these discussions realistically, not optimisticallyThe source added, noting that they will be “exploratoryIt will not lead to firm promises. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russian media started reporting, perhaps even while the talks were in progress, that the United States had made all kinds of concessions to Russia. It is a deliberate attempt to create divisions among allies, in part by manipulating youHe told reporters in his phone call.

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