Washington fears the “possibility” of a nuclear test by North Korea while Joe Biden is in Asia

While Joe Biden is scheduled to visit South Korea and Japan in the coming days, the White House believes there is a real risk of North Korea conducting a nuclear test at the same time.

The report said Wednesday that the United States believes there is a “real possibility” that North Korea will conduct another “missile launch” or a “nuclear test” during Joe Biden’s trip to Asia.

“We are prepared for all possibilities, including such a provocation while we are in South Korea or Japan,” White House resident Jake Sullivan said on the eve of the US president’s departure on a long-awaited diplomatic tour in the region. Security advisor.

Resuming training after a break

“We are coordinating closely with our allies in South Korea and Japan,” he added, noting that he also mentioned this danger during Wednesday’s meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Yang Jiechi. “It is clear that we are prepared to adjust our military posture if necessary to ensure that we provide defense and deterrence to our allies in the region,” said Biden’s adviser.

Under international sanctions, North Korea has significantly intensified its missile tests this year, while ignoring US negotiating offers.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s regime has stopped ICBMs and nuclear tests since 2017. It has already partially violated this moratorium by launching an ICBM at the end of March. Pyongyang tested nuclear weapons six times between 2006 and 2017.

Anthony Oduro from AFP

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