Washington accuses North Korea of ​​testing a new intercontinental ballistic missile system

Washington accuses North Korea of ​​testing a new intercontinental ballistic missile system

launch carried out North Korea A senior White House official said Thursday that February 26 and March 4 were intended to test “elements of a new system” for ICBMs, speaking of a “dangerous escalation.”

“These launches are certainly intended to test elements of this new system before North Korea makes a full-range launch, which they may try to portray as a space launch,” he added. And Pyongyang had already confirmed after these shootings in late February and early March that these were tests for developing satellites.

‘One Voice’ Against North Korea

In response to these new tests, the United State On Friday, he will announce measures “to prevent North Korea from gaining access to foreign products and technologies that allow it to develop its prohibited weapons programs,” and this source, who requested anonymity, said that “other measures will be followed in the coming days.”

“The United States decided to publish and share this information with our allies and partners because we prioritize reducing strategic risks and because we firmly believe that the international community must speak with one voice to oppose the future development of such weapons from North Korea.” “We continue to seek diplomatic dialogue and are ready for an unconditional meeting” with the North Koreans, he added.

“Learn Some Manners” by Kim Jong Un

At the beginning of the week, Washington and its partners failed to get the UN Security Council to adopt a text against North Korea, bogged down by opposition from Russia and China.

Despite harsh international sanctions over its nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile tests, Pyongyang has so far rejected all offers of dialogue since talks broke down in 2019 between leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump.

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North Korea has ramped up modernization of its military, warning in January that it could lift an optional moratorium on long-range missile and nuclear weapons tests.

The US announcement also comes after Yoon Seok-yeol’s presidential victory in South Korea, who wants to toughen his rhetoric against North Korea. South Korea’s new president, Joe Biden He called on Thursday to congratulate him, promising to “learn some manners” from Kim Jong Un.

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