"War of the Worlds": The science fiction series returns for the second season on Channel + from Monday, May 17th

“War of the Worlds”: The science fiction series returns for the second season on Channel + from Monday, May 17th

After the chaos, confrontation. Beginning Monday May 17 at 9:05 PM, Canal + will be showing a continuation of its “War of the Worlds” series, an original creation of the encrypted channel produced by Urban Myth Films and distributed internationally by StudioCanal. As its title suggests, it is adapted from the novel “War of the Worlds” by HG Wells. An adaptation of course, but a contemporary adaptation, that gives psychology pride to its French and British characters, who suffered from an alien invasion during the first season. In the cast, we particularly find Gabrielle Byrne, Leah Drucker, Daisy Edgar Jones, and Adel Ben Sharif.

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Four months later

Four months after the attack, all human life was virtually wiped off the face of the earth. The survivors organize and fight to regain control of the planet. In England, neuroscientist Bill Ward (Gabriel Byrne) is advancing his research: He discovered that aliens have strange similarities to humans and is developing a virus that can defeat them permanently. He wonders how close Emily (Daisy Edgar Jones) is to aliens.

The aliens who have a human appearance here, as with Adina (Ania Sowinski) are devoid of any fear, who wants to eliminate humans to the end. Another foreigner, Isla (Aimée-Ffion Edwards), marked by the loss of her companion, questions the mission of her people.

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On the French side, as the alien threat intensifies, Catherine (Léa Drucker) takes Mika, a peaceful, human-looking alien who reveals to her that the course of things can change if she finds Professor Bill Ward. He gives her his book before she dies.

“What distinguishes humans from aliens?”

Howard Overman, the author and author of the series, lays out the basic premise of this Season 2 in these terms:In this new season, we are starting to get a clearer idea of ​​the nature of the enemy. But these results raise more questions. What distinguishes humans from aliens who slaughtered billions of people? And when the very existence of humankind is threatened, how far will we be prepared to go to its rescue without losing our humanity?“.

Eight episodes make up this sequel. A third season is in the pipeline to complete the “War of the Worlds” TV trilogy.

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