War of the Worlds: Season 2 lands May 17 on Channel +

War of the Worlds: Season 2 lands May 17 on Channel +

War of the Worlds launched on Canal + in 2019, and is returning to the coded channel with an exciting season 2 from May 17. All eight of the full episodes will be available on myCANAL on the same day.

This free and contemporary adaptation of classic science fiction literature HG Wells by Jill Collier and Richard Clark – far from Steven Spielberg’s groundbreaking film with Tom Cruise – has ended his first chapter on the unbearable cliffhanger. Season 2, called “The Clash”, promises to provide answers to many questions. The post also suggests Canal + Instagram. This is from the first episode.

Earth was the victim of an alien attack that wiped out virtually all life on Earth. The handful of survivors must now organize themselves in order to resist the invader trying to take over the planet. In England, four months after the first attack, neuroscientist Bill Ward discovered that the aliens had strange similarities to humans. It set out to develop a biological weapon in the hope of leading an attack.

Emily fails to understand her strange relationship with aliens. Her ability to analyze the critical role it could play in resolving this conflict will be essential to the survival of the human race. In France, scientist Catherine Durand, who was one of the first to question the nature of aliens, hears about the work of Bill Ward. It plans to extend a helping hand to him, despite the risks involved.

Among the aliens, there was no consensus on the dominance of Adina and her desire to exterminate humans to the end. The renegade roars in the ranks of the invaders. And some seek to question the mission carried out on the ground.

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With Gabrielle Byrne, Daisy Edgar Jones, Lea Drucker, Abed Ben Sharif, and Emily de Brissac.

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