Wang Yaping is ready to go on a space mission to her home

Wang Yaping is the first Chinese astronaut and the first Chinese woman to walk in space. So far, of all the country’s female astronauts, she has spent the longest time on the Chinese space station Tiangong.

“I am delighted to be able to live in this wonderful time and to dedicate myself to the great cause of space exploration in my homeland,” she said. Wang Yaping always speaks of her entitlement with full gratitude to her country, because for her, she was given the opportunity to “cruise into space”, which she considers “an absolute honor.

During the Shenzhou-13 mission, Wang Yaping and his colleagues conducted thousands of operations as part of dozens of experimental tests inside the Tiangong Station.

“To contribute to the development of China’s cause of space exploration to make it a powerful country in the exploration of the universe, this is the dream that we tirelessly pursue.” I am willing to go on a space mission back to my homeland, but also to realize the human dream of discovering stars and oceans,” Wang Yaping, who said she is fully aware of the weight of the payload, said she shrugged her shoulders as a delegate to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CCP).

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