Wally, the young gray whale lost in the Mediterranean is in agony: experts suggest killing it

Wally, the young gray whale lost in the Mediterranean is in agony: experts suggest killing it

The conclusion of Wali’s extraordinary arrival is probably very sad. Due to weakness and hunger, the whale may not be able to survive its journey, and experts now suggest shortening its suffering.

Whale whale is currently located near Santa Ponsa Beach in Mallorca. Previewing in Ibiza three days in advance, the whales can very well know their final stopover, reports Friday, May 21. The daily Spanish El Pais.

It is lost in the Mediterranean Le Grau du RoyPallavas, then CitEspecially, Wally didn’t really find food for several days. “She is very skinny,” as the director of conservation of the Palma Basin immediately noticed, El Pais interrogated her, as she tried to draw the animal toward the sea to avoid its deflection.

Letting nature take its course?

Faced with Wali’s desperate situation, the experts were divided. While some believe that the suffering of the little whale should be shortened, Juan Antonio Raga, a professor of zoology at the University of Valencia, believes that nature should take its course, but he realizes that the issue of her slaughter can arise.

Wali left her natural place of life, the Pacific Ocean, several weeks ago and after crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, she was lost in the Mediterranean.

A wali trip in the Mediterranean.
SW infographic

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No Mediterranean food

And if the gray whale had very large fasting abilities, the Mediterranean became a mystery to the missing small specimen. The concern is that it usually feeds by filtering mud with baleen to taste tiny crustaceans and that we don’t find this kind of seabed on our coast.

And if some people ask themselves a question about feeding it to ensure its survival, “No, it’s a wild animal, it should be left alone, it can pass or drown like most large cetaceans,” notes Renault Dupuy of La Grandrive, the Agde Marine Reserve.

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