Wallabies coach urges FA not to withdraw from Super Rugby

Wallabies coach urges FA not to withdraw from Super Rugby

Wallabies manager Dave Rainey on Monday urged Australia not to withdraw from Super Pacific Rugby by launching its own domestic competition in 2024.

Rugby Australia chief Hamish McClennan has reportedly told his New Zealand counterpart Stuart Mitchell that their partnership could end due to an imbalance in broadcast revenue, in favor of the New Zealand franchises.

We will fulfill our commitments in 2023 but we have to see what works best for rugby in Australia until the Rugby World Cup in Australia in 2027McClennan told Fox Sports last week. “Open bets from 2024 with New Zealand“.

Renee admitted he was surprised by the comments and said he believed it was important for Australian teams to continue playing against their New Zealand rivals.

I’ve been very clear in the past, I think it’s good for both countries we’ve been playing inagainst each other, he explained.

Previously, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand combined their Super Rugby TV revenue and split it into three ways, which extended to Argentina when they joined forces with the Cougars.

But since the Covid pandemic, when South African and Argentine franchises were disqualified from the competition, which became Super Pacific Rugby, that arrangement has ended.

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