VPN for New Zealand in 2024 |  Cyber ​​Ghost VPN

VPN for New Zealand in 2024 | Cyber ​​Ghost VPN

While New Zealand ranks fairly well globally for online freedom, it still applies significant censorship by filtering website traffic. This prevents you from accessing any site that is not deemed to be in compliance with its policies. The New Zealand Ministry of Home Affairs is responsible for filtering and this concerns torrent downloading sites, online betting sites and various types of illegal content in this region. In 2019, this included sharing videos of the Christchurch massacre and reports showed that 50% of New Zealand's population experienced internet restrictions in the same year.

The Home Office maintains a secret list of several thousand blocked URLs and addresses. New Zealand also belongs to the so-called “Five Eyes” alliance, so it freely shares your data with other countries. This concerns in particular the metadata of your Internet traffic and your personal data.

If you want to free yourself from online censorship and monitoring, use a VPN to protect your traffic and maintain your freedom. Thanks to CyberGhost VPN's unbreakable AES 256-bit encryption, no one will be able to spy on your online browsing data.

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