Von der Leyen stresses that the EU will "defend" its values

Von der Leyen stresses that the EU will “defend” its values

The EU will “defend” its “values” and act against Hungarian law that is discriminatory against it LGBTConfirmed on Friday
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen After a summit in which this legislation caused an uproar. “This new Hungarian law is clearly discriminatory, and as befits democracy, we will fight it using the legal tools at our disposal,” the German said at a press conference.

“Yesterday most of us were very clear that this new Hungarian law goes against our values. […] There was overwhelming support for the idea that we would stand up for our values,” continued the head of the European Executive. “At the Commission, we examined this law in depth, and wrote to the Hungarian government to detail our legal concerns.” The Commission gave until June 30 to Hungary to answer.

The European Court of Justice can be referred

There are additional steps that can be taken after that. It depends on Hungary’s response, the official said. Brussels can open an infringement procedure for a violation of European law, which could lead to referral to the EU Court of Justice and sanctions. For his part, Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the European Union until the end of the month, said that “one cannot be a member of the European Union if we do not respect and accept its values.”

at heated discussion Thursday, criticized most European leaders
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban controversial law. The Dutchman, Mark Rutte, even suggested that he activate Article 50 of the Treaty to leave the European Union – as the British did – if the values ​​of the European Union did not suit him.

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Certificate of Xavier Bettel شهادة

A view rejected by Ursula von der Leyen: “Hungary has ten million people and I am absolutely convinced that there are ten million good reasons for Hungary to be and remain a member of the European Union,” she stressed. She described the discussion among the leaders as “realistic and at the same time very personal and emotional.”

During the discussion, Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, who is married to a man, shared his personal experience by addressing his Hungarian counterpart. He recalled the dinner she had with her husband and sovereign leader in Budapest several years earlier, lamenting that he was “not the same as Viktor Orbán”. “I was very disappointed and told him so […] “It’s sad,” explained Friday’s Xavier Bettel, who had emphasized the previous day’s self-acceptance. [en tant qu’homosexuel]It’s very hard to be stigmatized besides, it just goes too far.”

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