Volkswagen President Herbert Des isn’t afraid of an Apple car, is he right?

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Featured » Volkswagen President Herbert Des isn’t afraid of an Apple car, is he right?

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In VW, there is no fear of Apple Car. CEO Herbert Dees is clearly quiet about the competition from Cupertino. For all the experience Apple has in crucial sub-domains, the auto market remains a sector that cannot be seized overnight. One feels reminiscent of other startling wrong judgments that market leaders made long ago in the past. Will it be different this time?

Volkswagen isn’t afraid of Apple’s car, at least not officially. Volkswagen President Herbert Deiss has commented on the topic of a possible Apple car in the current version of FAS, through which Reuters news agency Quoted. As usual, Apple has not commented on its plans to build its own car, but the move made perfect sense for the company, the head of business said. At Apple, they have in-depth knowledge of the sub-areas you need for your particular vehicle, from batteries to design and software development. Where it lacks their own capabilities, Apple’s pockets are deep enough for overseas purchase.
However, Dis relieved.

The auto market cannot be turned upside down overnight

Even if Apple had all the basic requirements to build its own car, it wouldn’t capture a € 2 trillion market overnight. As one of the world’s largest automakers, VW is not concerned about losing its dominance through Apple.

Volkswagen is currently investing heavily in modernizing its lineup, and it should not only be electric, but developing its software platform is also worth billions. However, this still takes time, and recently, new Volkswagen flagships have been more likely to attract attention due to software malfunctions than innovative interfaces. The Rumors of an Apple car It hasn’t stopped since the start of the year, but it is not known if Apple is currently in concrete discussions with a production partner.

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How do you feel about the Volkswagen driver’s statement: is his self-confidence valid or does it repeat what happened to market leaders like Nokia and Palm after the introduction of the iPhone?

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