Vladimir Putin praises the Russian fleet capable of destroying "any target"

Vladimir Putin praises the Russian fleet capable of destroying “any target”

In pictures, in pictures – On Sunday, July 25, the Russian President attended the grand annual parade of the Russian fleet on the Neva River in St. Petersburg.

President Vladimir Putin confirmed Sunday, July 25, that the Russian fleet is capable of detecting and destroying.any goal”, on the occasion of the great naval parade he attended in St. Petersburg.

«Today, the Russian fleet has everything necessary to tirelessly defend the Fatherland and our national interests. We are able to detect any enemy target underwater, on the surface or in the air and deliver a fatal blow if necessaryVladimir Putin said in a televised speech.

The ships of the Russian fleet at the annual large parade of the Russian fleet off St. Petersburg. Alexey Nikolsky / AFP

According to him, Russia has secured its place among theMajor global naval powersBy developingShort and long-range naval aviation, reliable coastal defense systems and the latest high-precision hypersonic weapons, which have no equal in the world and continue to successfully continue to improve».

The speech was given on the sidelines of the large annual parade of the Russian fleet on the Neva River in Saint Petersburg, the country’s second largest city. Against the background of high tensions with the West, Vladimir Putin has not stopped praising new weapons in recent years, he says.Invincible“He designed it by his own country.

Among these are the new generation of Avangard hypersonic missiles, capable of reaching Mach 27 and changing trajectory and altitude, which were put into service with the Russian army in December 2019 or the Zircon cruise missile at Mach 7, which was successfully tested in July.

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Fourth generation nuclear submarine Knyaz Vladimir. Alexey Nikolsky / AFP

Several other weapons such as the Air Force Kinjal supersonic missile and the nuclear-powered Bourevestnik missile are under development. The latest S-500 air defense system, which is described as “unparalleled in the worldIt was also successfully tested on July 20.

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