Vladimir Putin: 5 Little-Known Facts About The Russian President

Vladimir Putin: 5 Little-Known Facts About The Russian President

On February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent his armed forces to invade Ukraine. The Kremlin resident, who is considered the most powerful man in the world according to Forbes magazine in 2022, has always remained very discreet about his private life. Here are 5 little known facts about his habits.

Everything he eats is meticulously analyzed

Everything that the Russian president eats is meticulously analyzed. The food is prepared in the kitchens of the Russian Federal Protection Service and is systematically analyzed and validated by a doctor. Whenever he goes abroad, Vladimir Putin takes the canteen with him. Nothing he eats comes from foreign cuisine. Thus, if a champagne cocktail is organized, the Kremlin resident brings his own bottle.

He hardly uses the internet and doesn’t have a smartphone

At the helm of Russia for 23 years, he said in 2018 that he doesn’t have a smartphone, and doesn’t like phones. He hardly uses the internet and has no social media account. Perhaps the lack of mobile security explains this choice.

He was a taxi driver

Before Vladimir Putin became the central figure in world politics, he was a taxi driver after the fall of the Soviet Union. And he had announced that he carried out this task to ensure the end of the month.

He is a black belt in judo.

The 70-year-old is passionate about martial arts, and is also an eighth dan black belt in judo, one of the highest in the discipline.

An armored train is used

Since the preparations for the invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has traveled most of the time by armored train. In order to go more unnoticed, the head of the Kremlin made sure that this train was identical to that of the Russian Railways. It will even have its own terminal in the center of Moscow.

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