Viviani, head to Japan “I only see the five circles”

Camera lens at the Olympics Elia Viviani, flag bearer and gold medalist at the Rio Games

Camera lens at the Olympics Elia Viviani, flag bearer and gold medalist at the Rio Games

With the presentation of the jersey that cyclists will wear at the Tokyo Olympics, “the adventure has officially begun”: Elia Viviani, who summoned Rome to represent the movement at the Coni Hall of Honor with President Malagò, Federciclismo Dagnoni’s new president, Paralympic Committee President Pancalli and coach Davide confirms Cassini. “I love Elijah as a knight and as a man,” said Malaji, and Cassani repeated that “every time Elijah wears blue it is as if it was the first time.” After his high-altitude period at Livigno, Viviani will exchange high-altitude training with those on the track at Montichiari. Ilya, thinking about the Olympics, Marco Vela said he needed it for the quartet. “I just focus and everything on the Olympics and I will work hard for the three disciplines, and therefore, also for Omnium and Madison, also for the quartet. If you are competitive and essential for the Quartet, time will tell: to be a part of it would be great.” What kind of work do you need to do for the three majors? “We will dedicate most of the days on the track to the quad at Montichiari: Over the three days of work it will be two for the quad and one for Madison and Ominium. Quad days are for strength, starting, strength, and the gym. Those for Omnium and Madison will focus more on tempo, tempo changes and racing simulation.” Before the Games there will be no European Championship planned: will we go to Tokyo in the dark, without mentioning the opponents? «Yes, unfortunately we will go to Tokyo without any signs except for those, for the Quartet, of the time trial. It will be like this for everyone, so we will all be equal. In the pre-Olympic program, I also included Six Days of Roses.” However, he does have an idea of ​​a favorite. “Denmark is the top candidate for the Quartet but watch out for Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, as in Madison with the Morkov-Hansen couple. The Frenchman, Benjamin Thomas, won the last World Cup in Alumnim, and he will be the number one opponent, followed by Hansen, Torres and Van Schep. After Tokyo, could it be his goal in the blue jersey at the World Road Championships in Belgium? “I don’t think about it at the moment. My head only sees the five circles now. I’ll think about it later, and only if the classics like Hamburg, Bloeway and Frankfurt go well.” The contract with Cofidis is about to expire and there are rumors about the 2022 team. Talk but this is not the time for me to spend energy thinking about next year. My Lombardy manager takes care of it. The day will come when he will call me and tell me: These are the options. Then I will make a decision, but not now. He was in Rome to present the blue jersey for the Olympics.” When the blue shirt is given to me, it is always a special moment for me.” This time the shirt is white.” As it was in Rio. This time they are silver or white-gray, designed this way because it’s more suited to the higher temperatures we’ll find in Tokyo, but the shorts are blue. The important thing is that Italy has it written on it.” There was an anticipation for this shirt. “All the boys asked me because this is the official way to start this adventure and we’re going to do everything we can to get on time by 110 percent. Then we can, regardless of the results, look back and say: We’ve done everything possible.” It was like this five years ago In Rio. “I can say that these two days were the easiest of my career because I did everything at my best, paying attention to every detail. What I try to convey to the boys of the blue group.” He will return to Rome on the 23rd for the President of the Republic Mattarella to hand over the triple flag Colours. “My additional training commitments are many but we all fit together well. It will surely be another moment of great emotion. Being an ensign has made me responsible but I am ready.” •.© Reproduction reserved

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