Vitré: Eyrelles Tissus offers eclectic tailoring workshops in the city centre

Vitré: Eyrelles Tissus offers eclectic tailoring workshops in the city centre

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Camille and Jeffrey Essolier offer 20 to 30 hours of sewing workshops a week at Vitry. © Le Journal du Vitry

After opening direct sales in the warehouse (Bazin space) at the beginning of January Fabrics and haberdasheryGeoffrey and Camille IsolierAriel Fabricsopen L’Atelier, at 25 rue Paris, in Vitry.

eight teachers They were chosen for their characteristics.

new project

It’s impossible to miss Rue de Paris, the Eyrelles’ workshop brand, which has a well-established reputation on the street. Ha Yellow interface unanimous.

From selling fabrics online to a warehouse open to the public (Espace Bazin, boulevard de Laval), the Issoulié couple has improved new project By offering selective tailoring workshops in a dedicated room.

The first challenge was making Clear and bright space To accommodate a maximum of four people in the building.

mission accomplished! Eight teachers Experienced They were recruited so that the workshops could operate during the week and even on weekends.

“Bringing together the local sewing community”

Equipment will be provided for those who do not come with their own. However, A Sewing machine The serger will be self service.

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“In tailoring, you never stop learning and progressing,” says Camille Essolier.

We jumped at the opportunity to acquire this downtown space to bring the local sewing community together at the request of many customers.

Camille Isolier

Many returned to sewing during Covid. “Having a good selection of fabrics and haberdashery at Vitré encourages others to get involved,” Geoffrey adds.

Very diverse workshops

Taking into account the training demands of beginners, intermediates and experts, the workshop offerings are very diverse. “Online registrations have started beginning of july, This allowed us to improve our software.

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They responded specifically to certain requests, namely learning Sewing accessories (banana, handbag, pencil case, cuddly toy) or any type of clothing.

as orderd

Keyword? as orderd. “We can also come and sew our own clothes Personal projectsunder the supervision of a professor in one session,” to inform the project initiators.

They also responded positively to requests Morphological training And Colorimetry “To know the shapes and colors of clothing that reveal you.” The same goes for embroidery, crochet or knitting enthusiasts who should find a niche.

People who have a project in progress can meet in the workshop for 1.5 to 3 hours when room is available.

Finally, workshops for children will be offered during the school holidays.

Registration at the Selective Tailoring Workshops, 25 Rue Paris, on site Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm and 2:30pm to 6:30pm or by phone or SMS to 06 95 85 40 73.

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