Vitré: a space dedicated to entrepreneurship created in Mève

Vitré: a space dedicated to entrepreneurship created in Mève

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Actors, whose mission is to support Entrepreneurship and business developmentwill soon be operating in the same space in Maeve, Place du Champ-de-Foire in Vitry (Ille-et-Vilaine).

The five join the Miff

If some are already here, others will join them Joint action of five.

We will find in particular the Chamber of Commerce and Crafts, the CCI, the Portes de Bretagne initiatives, the offices of Boutique de Gestion 35, France Active and even local business networks.

This area is approx 325 m2Located on the ground floor of Door B, it is presented as “a unified space aimed at enhancing synergies and preserving the long-recognized economic dynamics of… Vetter community“, declares the bloc.

Above all, it will welcome creatives and entrepreneurs looking for information.

This space “will enable enhanced collaboration between stakeholders, simplify the journey of project leaders and develop more offensive communications around entrepreneurship,” adds Vetri Communonot.

After some development work, it was announced open October 2024.

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