Vitré: A large entertainment space created in the Maison rouge area

Vitré: A large entertainment space created in the Maison rouge area

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The area is located south of the city of Vitry (Ille-et-Vilaine). The red house It has developed in recent years.

Those with a deteriorating image are now getting a new lease of life thanks to the involvement of the city, local residents and even the community centre.

“A lot of work has been done.”

The best people who talk about it are its residents, like Abdul, who has lived there for about fifteen years. “The image of the neighborhood has improved. Seeing the police and gendarmes making rounds is reassuring. There has been a change for everyone,” explains this father.

“There is already a lot of work being done with the increased presence” of the police, he adds Christophe Le BihanDeputy in charge of public affairs, security, roads and youth. The elected official also points out that there is Jeremy BidouxYouth service facilitator in the city.

Elected officials and residents worked on the project for months. © Vietri City Hall

Football, volleyball, all-round game…

Another resident, Romain, a young man who has lived in Maisons Rouge for 8 years, is also happy to see the change in the neighbourhood. For several months, it has particularly benefited from the renovation of the youth space. “It feels good, because it was so old before.”

The youth space also adjoins the dynamic neighborhood center which particularly hosts the social center and activities.

In this desire to develop the neighborhood, A Intergenerational Space Project It was designed between the municipality and local residents.

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It is located at the end of the area, after the youth space, and is intended to accommodate A Football fieldarea volleyballspace picnicthe follower Games for children (2-12 years)but also Street work type structures. A sweeping swing will also be installed.

First work should begin this summer with use starting this summer as well. Pedestrian paths will also be created. Finally, trees will be planted to define spaces and create shade. Investment is 100,000 euros.

Plan your future entertainment space.
Plan your future entertainment space. © Maxime Turberville

Create links with residents

The creation of this intergenerational complex was designed in consultation with local residents. It is the result of several discussions with about fifty residents since July 2023.

This is the approach that the municipality has encouraged since it assumed its duties in 2020, as he explained Vanessa Allenelected and commissioned for neighborhood life.

“We created the system Vitreous care. This was one of the goals of our campaign. Its goal is to encourage citizen participation. » This system has three axes: security and living environment, health and comfort. Every resident of Vitré can take advantage of it to work for their neighborhood.

Output of mutual aid

The idea is to create mutual aid, but also to connect residents to elected officials and different structures such as social services, for example.

This device is reminiscent of an app Glazed in the pocket. The latter makes it possible to report any problems encountered.

“They are returned to us and processed in a cross-processing manner with different services,” explains Christophe Le Bihan. Every 15 days, a meeting is held that allows them to be addressed. “We have one to two reports a day. Since the beginning we have opened 700 files,” concludes the elected official.

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