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Virgin Galactic Obtains Space Flight Operator License

Richard Branson’s company is now licensed by the US administration to take tourists into space. A real victory.

That’s it, Virgin Galactic has finally renewed its space passport. For the first time, the Federal Aviation Administration, which is currently working on the Starbase file, has given Richard Branson its license to carry passengers into space. And so the big guy from Virgin is grateful to Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, and becomes The first officially certified spaceflight operator by the US Agency.

Virgin Galactic has already obtained a license to carry cargo into space, but it has not included human passengers; It is now done. To do this, they had to show off their white paws during an art demonstration last May. And the whole thing seemed to go well, based on the decision of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Excitement on the starting line

This is a very crucial step for the company: At Virgin, we seem more than determined to take over the tourist side of the commercial space. One way to reconfirm your presence and remember the good memories of potential investors and clients, so as not to leave the competition open.

The group is expected to complete three test flights, including one with the senior chief personally on board. An approach reminiscent of that of a certain Prime at Amazon; In fact, it was Blue Origin that recently distinguished itself by selling a trip to space with Jeff Bezos himself, for a paltry $28 million. They will fly on July 20.

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It remains according to Capital, operations should start in early 2022. a Limit Which would put Virgin several months behind the blue team. But whatever: the message is clear and we’ll also have to reckon with the gang in Branson. By mid-2021, the tone is already set. It’s the excitement at the starting line of this new space race; Everyone works together to take first place. And for our part, we’re already looking forward to seeing how he’ll come out from the first corner!

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