Virat Kohli's priceless reaction to being hit on New Zealand has gone viral

Virat Kohli’s priceless reaction to being hit on New Zealand has gone viral

After a controversial dismissal that saw him go to the duck in the opening rounds, Indian captain Virat Kohli looked solid at 36 before ending up playing a shot that left him frozen and stunned over 22 yards. The incident occurred in the 63rd round of India’s second round on Sunday afternoon when Rashin Ravindra received the ball. The New Zealander made one that was short and wide and Kohli sought to cut it off but ended up having it fit inside on his stumps. The captain stood there and answered with a smile. Her reaction quickly spread on social media.

Fortunately for India, Kohli’s wicket did not affect India’s hold for now during the second Test held at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. After Ajaz Patel won 10 points in the first rounds as India scored 325, the New Zealanders only managed to accumulate 62 points in their response. India eventually announced at 276/7 and awarded New Zealand a 540-point target to follow with just over two days to play.

Previously, the dismissal of Kohli in the first roles caused quite a stir on the internet. Kohli was delivered after the ball hit the front podium with an Ajaz Patel delivery to 30.

As soon as on-court referee Anil Choudhury raised his finger, Kohli immediately stepped up with the decision review system. Despite having a clear internal advantage during replays, the umpires seemed to have difficulty determining if the ball hit the racket first, and thus third referee Virender Sharma felt the clue was inconclusive and asked Choudhury to hold on to it. resolution.

While Kohli looked very frustrated and hit his racket on the surrounding rope on the way out, things seemed to have cooled in the locker room. Since the strange dismissal, a video has started circulating on social media where Kohli can be seen at the hostel. In the video, Kohli is captured watching the TV re-broadcast and displays a wry smile that somewhat sums up the nature of his dismissal.

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