Vinci is building Takitimu North Link in New Zealand

Vinci is building Takitimu North Link in New Zealand

Credit: Vinci

By Editor, January 20, 2022.

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HEB Construction, a subsidiary of New Zealand’s Vinci Construction, in consortium with Fulton Hogan, has been awarded the design and construction of Takitimu North Link, southeast Auckland.

The Takitimu North Link Road Project is expected to accelerate the urban development of the area by improving its accessibility, and will also ease heavy truck traffic in neighboring towns.

The business, valued at 391 million euros, will span over five years. It concerns the construction of a new 2×2 lane road, as well as a dedicated bike and pedestrian lane. This project includes the construction of eight bridges, 29 canals and eight diversions of the watercourse.

The site will employ up to 400 people at peak activity.

You find on linkedin Giulia Tortoresi, Editor-in-Chief of BTP Construction.

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