Vincent Laudi, Defender of the Seas

Vincent Laudi, Defender of the Seas

Now a professor of marine biology at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) in Japan, Vincent Laudi, former director of the Arago Laboratory in Bagnoles-sur-Mer, runs through the territory of Catalonia. Saturday 9th JulyFrom 9 am he will sign his book Ulysses in the Mediterraneanin front of l’Escargot bleu (4 rue du 14-Juillet).

Together with former colleagues from the Arago Laboratory, Vincent Laudet is working on several scientific projects, notably a study on the Tuamotu atoll in French Polynesia, on the consequences of global warming. There, sensor-lined buoys, made by Tenum of Toulouse, record water or air temperatures, salinity rates or water color, indicating the rate of plankton concentrations. The atoll is a closed environmentexplain the world, The water is warmer and saltier, it’s the perfect place to follow the evolution of global warming”.


This collaboration also includes the study of clown fish and the effect of their environment on their hormonal production.

A tireless defender of the environment and the oceans, Vincent Laudt set his novel in the Mediterranean: “It’s an abbreviation for all problems: overfishing, plastic pollution, noise, wastage of all kinds, etc.” , says the world. Communication : “Then the advantage of Ulysses is that everyone knows him but without really knowing him. Using this mythical figure as a red thread allows us to explore the many aspects of our sea and resonate with one another.”.

Intended for the general public and for all ages, Ulysses in the Mediterranean It goes back to our common culture and to this crossroads of civilizations with multiple exchanges, without which current life would not be the same.

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Asked what actions should be taken to protect this Marie Nostromgives Vincent Laudette his point of view: “What needs to be done is to regulate the uses. We need to adopt a culture of consensus, as we do in Marine Park. There, about sixty people represent all the users of the sea: the boats, the fishermen, the town halls… the meetings are long and boring, but we have to agree on Reaching consensus and that is above all what we have to do, if we don’t, we will be out of balance”.

Confirmed by Vincent Laudt: “There are ways to prove that environmental protection can also advance the economy, and create jobs. I explain this in the August issue of Pour la science, intended for the general public.”. Vincent Laudet will be sharing his holidays with his family and colleagues from Banyul before heading to Japan and his island of Okinawa.

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