“villages”.  A new protocol in Italy in 2027?  OA Sport

“villages”. A new protocol in Italy in 2027? OA Sport

Back and forth between American Magic and the New Zealand team. The past few hours have been very hot for a future America’s Cup, The oldest sports competition in the world. The New Zealanders are the defenders and have already accepted the challenge launched by Ineos UK after the decisive race against Luna Rossa two months ago. The British become the Challenger of Record and make decisions with the New Zealand Federation Where and when to run the next version of the event. There are many hypotheses on the table (it appears that the most widely adopted assumptions are 2022 or 2024, in Auckland or in the Middle East), but it is only at the end of June that we will know more officially.

In the past few hours, however, the New York Yacht Club, Which defended its colors association American Magic During the last season (the Prada Pirelli team defeated him 4-0 in the Prada Cup semi-final), he fired Special Challenge for Team New Zealand, and also proposes a proprietary 150-page protocol. Call to schedule America’s Cup on a regular basis (Every three years), the event rotates between the nations of the teams that raced in Auckland during the winter season: 2024 in New Zealand, 2027 in Italy, 2030 in Great Britain, 2033 in the United States.

The reason is very simple: Christopher Colfer, the dean of the New York Yacht Club, is very concerned about the future of the event, does not like the possibility of a direct confrontation between Ineos and New Zealand, he wants multiple challenges and hopes that the number of participants increases. There has also been talk of a strict rule regarding nationality for different crew members (but this was already included in the draft prepared by NZ and Ineos), low and controlled costs, and initial benefit-raising events.

In essence, he will leave the historical scheme: whoever wins the old boat decides where to defend it, with an irregular repetition of the event. After 170 years of history, the Copa America can change in some crucial ways. More than it could be. Why The glove was rejected by the New Zealand team. Just two hours after this proposal, which came as a surprise, a quick response arrived from the other side of the world:RNZYS and Emirates Team New Zealand (as the current defender of the America’s Cup) welcome New York Yacht Club’s interest in the upcoming America’s Cup, but question their motives. A very conceited statement When recordings are not opened until after some time“.

The kiwis tried to sweeten the bean:There were some valid points raised by NYYC, some of which were already taken into account when developing a forward-looking protocol between Defender, Ineos Team UK and RYS (as Challenger of Record) the two parties responsible for developing the following protocolArm wrestling is so difficult, we will have to wait a few weeks to understand what the future of the world’s oldest sports trophy will be. Meanwhile, a Russian hue stays on the window, Sponsor Patrizio Bertelli has stated several times that his association will remain the protagonist in the near future.

Click here for the protocol provided by American Magic

Photo: Luna Rossa Press

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