Vileda Steam Plus Steam Cleaner test: the best is the enemy of the good

Vileda Steam Plus Steam Cleaner test: the best is the enemy of the good

Vileda wants Steam Plus to be the warm-up time champ. The manufacturer in this regard announces a 15-second delay before using the device. Obviously we did the test and the promise was partly kept: We clocked 19 seconds before we saw – and heard – our first puff of steam.

It remains to evaluate the performance of washing the broom. As for his friends, we spread lipstick, soda, oil, and a mixture of water and carbon black on the floor of our lab. Stains dry overnight before allowing Steam Plus to work. We put the steam cleaner to maximum power and move back and forth on the tasks. Not surprisingly, the soda and oil disappear first after one round trip in a row. With regard to the hardest of materials, lipstick is surprisingly weak. It does not completely disappear, but no device has been able to erase this stain; only the Polti SV450 Dual I did as well. Finally, the carbon black mixture stains are removed, but the streaks persist after the device has gone through. Shame.

We finally did one last test that was not included in the final rating: the water tank autonomy test. For her part, Vileda promises “28 minutes” of cleaning. We put the broom on the lowest power, which is ideal for fragile floors like parquet: it then lasts for 20 minutes 46 seconds. Then we repeat the test, this time at maximum power. Vileda spits out steam for 13 minutes and 40 seconds with this new setting. So we are very far from the 28 minutes promised by the German manufacturer.

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