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HANOI (VNA) – On July 16, President Nguyen Xuan Phuc will participate in the online leaders’ meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) at the invitation of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, whose country is in charge. APEC Presidency 2021.

Vietnam at APEC 2021: United to Overcome Crisis and Accelerate Hinh Recovery ANH 1President Nguyen Xuan Phuc will attend the APEC Leaders’ Informal Meeting on July 16. Photo: VNA

As the most influential economic cooperation mechanism in the Asia-Pacific region, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation has brought many strategic, economic, trade and investment benefits, which have helped promote the country’s integrated development.

On November 15, 1998, in Kuala Lumpur, Vietnam formally joined the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum. Joining the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum is a decision of historical significance, and shows the strategic vision of the party and the country of Vietnam. It is also an important milestone in the implementation of Vietnam’s foreign policy of openness, diversification, pluralism and international economic integration.

In the more than 22 years of participation in the APEC, Vietnam has made active and proactive contributions to the forum, helping to promote peace, stability, cooperation and economic interdependence in the region. Vietnam is one of the few members that successfully hosted the 2006 and 2017 APEC summits.

Vietnam is also one of the most active members in proposing proposals and projects in many areas. Several initiatives proposed by Vietnam were evaluated as practical and in the common interest.

The country has made significant contributions, serving as Executive Director of the Secretariat of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (2005-2006), and as Chair and Vice-Chair of several Main Committees and Working Groups.

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The role of Vietnamese companies in APEC cooperation has also been increasingly strengthened. During APEC 2017, Vietnamese companies contributed their intelligence and efforts and directly participated in many activities, emphasizing their maturity, complementarity, roles and responsibilities for ‘APEC’ cooperation as well as regional economic connectivity.

Since successfully taking over the role of host for APEC 2017, Vietnam continues to actively participate and contribute to APEC cooperation, and accelerate the dissemination of the important results of APEC 2017.

In the context of the complex development of the Covid-19 epidemic, Vietnam has actively and proactively coordinated with APEC members to maintain the cooperative momentum of the Forum; And actively participated in promoting the construction of APEC’s long-term cooperation strategies.

Following the successes of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, New Zealand, host of APEC 2021, has proposed that the theme for APEC 2021 be “Join, Do, Grow. Together”. The New Zealand side said that all APEC activities in 2021 will take place online.

The informal meeting on July 16 is an initiative of New Zealand. On the topic “Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, what are the opportunities for the Asia-Pacific region to cooperate to overcome the health crisis, accelerate economic recovery and lay the foundations for a better future?” In the event, the leaders will discuss solutions to enhance regional cooperation in order to overcome the health crisis and accelerate economic recovery in the Asia-Pacific region.

This upcoming meeting with the participation of President Nguyen Xuan Phuc will help to firmly emphasize Vietnam’s role and voice within the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, thus helping to materialize the Thirteenth Party Congress’ decision on active and proactive international integration within the framework of comprehensive, intensive, effective and elevated multilateral diplomacy. – VNA

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