Video: Zoo visitor jumps on crocodile to help nurse

Video: Zoo visitor jumps on crocodile to help nurse

The video gives you a cold sweat. Caregiver Lindsay Bull was bitten by a crocodile in Scales and Tails Zoo (Utah, United States) on August 14, while preparing to feed him. The animal refused to leave it for several minutes.

And he might have tore his arm off if Donnie Wiseman, a visitor to Zoo, did not interfere. The latter jumped on the crocodile’s back and managed to control it. After several very long seconds, the crawler’s jaws loosened, and Lindsey Poole was able to leave the enclosure with the help of two other visitors. Then a woman named Amy Christopher gave her first aid while waiting for help to arrive.

The Scales and Tails Zoo immediately published a file Facebook message To thank the brave visitors. “They could have stayed safe, as many of us would have done, but they immediately got involved in the situation and came to our caregiver’s assistance,” the zoo explains. “We thank them for their heroism.”

For his part, Lindsey Ball reassured netizens about his health condition. She said she had a good chance of regaining full use of her hand. The young woman, who currently lives in hospital, described the experience as “terrifying” with an American journalist, but said she was “impatient to get back to work”.

Lindsay Bull has worked alongside Crocodile for several years. When the animal bit her, she immediately recognized her technique, which consists in clinging to her food to tear small pieces. Then she decided not to fight him and follow his movements. “I shouldn’t have been outside the compound if it had flipped, because it would have taken my arm off,” she told the channel. KSLTV.

So I clung to the crocodile to keep her hand as much as possible. Then she asked Donnie Wiseman, who was asking how to help her, to jump on the reptile. This gesture is forbidden l’alligator to ride again. And so Lindsey Poole managed to escape from his jaws.

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