video.  The Hydro Coaster, an electric bicycle that floats, is docked in Caledonia

video. The Hydro Coaster, an electric bicycle that floats, is docked in Caledonia

Have you ever heard of hydrofoil or bike foils? In a few days, water sports enthusiasts in New Caledonia will be able to use this electric bike that runs on water.

We have known wing foils, wave foils, paddle foils, and here water foils, or bike foils. This funny machine, invented by a New Zealand company, is the marine equivalent of an electric bike.

The lithium battery powers the electric motor located in the rear. explains Jeremy Blockin, director of Jé sport, which imported the funny machine. You simply start the engine using the trigger on the handlebar, allowing you to drive for three to three and a half hours at a cruising speed of 15 to 20 km/h. For those who really want to exercise and tire out, there are ten levels of assistance, like a road electric bike, allowing you to increase the difficulty of pedaling.

Classified by Maritime Affairs as a human-powered craft, the hydrofoil can sail up to 2 nautical miles, or 3.7 kilometers, from a shelter. Extremely stable and floats almost on its own thanks to its dual foils, it is aimed at all practitioners.

“Riding this bike is easier than riding a horse.” The young man confirms. Stability remains the same even with waves. The maneuverable front foil allows you to pass up to 2.5 meters of swell.”

“I'm not sporty at all, so I wondered if it was also a quiet leisure activity, or going for a walk, when the sea is calm, She is interested in Corinne, who is on the beach at Anse Vata at the time of the demonstration. “The wind and the waves don't matter to me, but in the quiet lighthouse of Amédée, you can go over the potatoes and walk, and it can be very nice.”she adds.

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To make the trip to the Amédée Lighthouse, the young woman will have to wait a few days. At this moment, as if curious, she admires the acrobatics performed by the professionals from the beach. “The first time I saw it, I was wondering what it was, how one could tread on water and then I just saw, it's so good!”Enthuses Celine, one of them.

After Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Europe, will hydrofoils attract Caledonians craving new sensations? Reply on January 21, at the Amédée Lighthouse.

More details on the website G Sport.

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