Video.  South Korea: Belgian ambassador's wife attacks two women who are saleswomen

Video. South Korea: Belgian ambassador’s wife attacks two women who are saleswomen

The pictures caused an uproar in South Korea. Coming from CCTV cameras and filmed in early April, the wife of the Belgian ambassador to South Korea is shown attacking saleswomen who are suspected of stealing. We see him pulling one employee’s arm before hitting her on the head, then slapping the second.

According to South Korean media, the diplomat’s wife tried to use two items at a clothing store in Seoul before leaving. An employee immediately ran after her to inquire about the piece she was wearing, which allegedly led to the altercation.

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And the local police announced, to avoid prosecution, the reason behind his diplomatic immunity. South Korea is a signatory to the Geneva Convention, which guarantees diplomats and their families immunity from criminal prosecution. An official from Yongsan Police Station in central Seoul said the Belgian embassy said, “It reserves the right to immunity for the ambassador’s wife,” adding that the police should file the case.

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