Video- Solar Eclipse: Amazing images captured from space

NASA and Starlink published pictures of the solar eclipse that swept over part of North America, seen from space yesterday.

In video of Monday's solar eclipse, captured aboard the Starlink satellite, we can see a huge shadow over eastern North America. These images were actually promised long before the event by Starlink's owner, Elon Musk. He also posted his own video of the phenomenon on Channel X, which was seen from Austin, Texas.

It was great to see the eclipse from Austin. About 27 years before they bred here

Elon Musk

NASA also shared the scene that astronauts were able to watch aboard the International Space Station. NASA flight engineers Matthew Dominick and Janet Epps were behind the orbital station's window to photograph and film the moon's shadow on Earth. The space station was then in orbit at an altitude of 420 kilometers above southeastern Canada, where the moon's shadow moved from New York State to Newfoundland.

Other satellites, such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's GOES-16, also captured the shadow of the April 8 total solar eclipse as it crossed the United States.

Stunning photos of the Statue of Liberty or Times Square obscured by the moon are circulating on social networks.

Axel June

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