VIDEO - Revivez TOUS les essais de la finale olympique entre la France et la Nouvelle-Zélande

Video – Relive all the experiences of the Olympic final between France and New Zealand

A few hours after the final defeat to the Black Ferns, it is clear that disappointment is still present in the hearts of the French, but it is likely that the Blues will agree that in this match – and despite the incomprehensible refereeing decisions – New Zealand were stronger. Despite everything, they actually managed to undo their impressive performance in Tokyo, with Caroline Drouin and her co-stars jumping for joy, in a circle and in the background, while black women took to the podium to receive their medal. ‘gold.

And they are absolutely right. Because pride can have it. Like thea test From this final, she was scored again by a Frenchwoman. This time around, it wasn’t Séraphine Okemba who planted in the corner, but the Parisian was the same to be credited with a superb intervention in the event. Mêlée for French women at the height of the midfield; A great straight move followed: Camille Grassineau’s backing worked to fix the defense, Okemba put in the interval for a line pass and threw it like a ball, turned into Utulele and, at the end of the effort, a final pass for Anne-Cécile Ciofani, who eliminated the last defender with an excellent inside hook. So the 27-year-old scored in the final to make her mark on the Olympics, 37 after her father Walter in the hammer throw. It was in 1984 during the Olympics in Los Angeles. Not enough to win (26 to 12), but pretty satisfying to conquer our hearts. See you soon ladies!

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