video.  “Preparing a coup”: Armored vehicles in front of the presidency and the arrest of a general… What is happening in Bolivia?

video. “Preparing a coup”: Armored vehicles in front of the presidency and the arrest of a general… What is happening in Bolivia?

Agence France-Presse indicated that the situation was turbulent in La Paz, where troops and military vehicles were stationed on Wednesday in front of the presidential headquarters, while Bolivian President Luis Arce called for… “Democracy must be respected.”

“We condemn the irregular movements of certain units of the Bolivian army, and they must be respected.” The president wrote on the social media network X. According to former President Evo Morales (2006-2019) on X, “A coup is being prepared“.

We call upon the National Movement to defend the Democracia frente al golpe de Estado that has moved to Ras Gral. Zuniga.
We declare that we are generally indeterminate and closed in ways.

We do not allow the armed forces to violate democracy and undermine…

– Evo Morales Ayma (@evoespueblo) June 26, 2024

Pictures taken by residents on social media show army units advancing through the streets in close rows, and armored vehicles and a tank parked in Murillo Square, where soldiers were seen entering Quemado Palace, the presidential residence.

\ud83d\udccc There is a police presence in Plaza Murillo due to Bolivia's state border.

Vanessa Centellas tells us the details of where she passed in Bolivia #AlexInMilenio.

– Alejandro Dominguez (@AlexDominguezB) June 27, 2024

A few hours later, police arrested the former head of the Bolivian Armed Forces, General Juan José Zúñiga, who was dismissed from office by President Luis Arce and accused of attempting a coup, according to pictures broadcast by ABC News. Public television.

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Mr. Zuniga was arrested and forced into a police car while speaking to the press outside a military barracks. “You are under arrest, General!“, Interior Secretary Johnny Aguilera told him.

Goberno's Minister, Eduardo del Castillo, presented the former Commander of the Army, General Juan José Zúñiga alongside the Commander of the Armada, Vice Prince Juan Arnaiz, after designing the government golf course in Plaza Murillo.

– Minister of the Government of Bolivia (@MindeGobierno) June 27, 2024

“Defend the Constitution at all costs”

He is said to have gone above and beyond his job by making statements against Mr. Morales, once an ally of Arce and now his biggest political opponent ahead of the 2025 presidential election.

In an interview with a television channel on Monday, the army chief said he would arrest Morales if he pursued his plan to run again, even though he could no longer be a candidate according to the court ruling.

“Legally, he is disqualified and can no longer be president of this country.”Mr. Zuniga said. Armed forces “They are the armed wing of the country and we will defend the constitution at all costs.” he added.

This was announced by the Secretary-General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro“Any form of violation of the constitutional order will not be tolerated.” In Bolivia, expressing it “Solidarity with President Luis Arce” From Asuncion, where the organization's General Assembly is being held until Friday.

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