Video. OUCHHH: Hunter Paisami performs a disjointed tackle in Super Rugby Pacific

The massive intervention of Hunter Bisame (Reds) against Western Force in Super Rugby Pacific. (© YT Super Rugby screenshot)

australian national football team, Hunter Besame (23 years old, 15 caps), caused severe damage to Super Pacific Rugby This Friday, March 4, 2022, during his team’s victory reds In reality Westernforce (16-29) its main sponsor other than the cruiser group.

Great intervention… and a yellow card

It was almost the hour of play when winger Manasa Matale, after a deep-field kick of the force, decided to counterattack and managed to escape from two opposing defenders. Put on fuel and climb 40 metres, then try to outsmart Hunter Baisame. Evil took her from the Western Power Pavilion, who would remember this clash for a long time.

Putting himself too low on the supports, Paisami stopped his opponent in his tracks, pushed him back, raised a support for him and then hit him in a pretty amazing fashion. Huge offensive tackle, but that’s got a video call. The referee decided to leave Yellow card for Bizami, the author, according to him of “serious treatment.” A decision that can be judged difficult given some slow motions…

Paisami, a player of Samoan descent, also popped up during a match with another Caramel XXL on Kyle Goodwin. Evidence of the sacred investment in defense of this rock is small in size (1.73 m) but with enormous strength (95 kg).

3 days after Super Rugby Pacific, The Australian Reds (13 points) are still undefeated (3 wins), indicates 2And the In the standings, the New Zealand Crusaders are behind (14 points).

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