Video: Lili for Life, the unusual solution to dyslexia

Video: Lili for Life, the unusual solution to dyslexia

How can a connected lamp solve the reading difficulties of a dyslexic person? Well, what we don’t doubt is that one of the solutions to this disorder really lies in the light. Video explanations.

Dyslexia can find one source in the asymmetry of the images our eyes take. [insérer caméo de gens qui n’ont pas compris]. Basically, the problem may come from the fact that, unlike normal, the eyes of a person with dyskinesia will capture exactly the same image, creating an awkward mirror effect for close-ups, thus causing letters or lines to jump out when reading or writing sessions.

Two French researchers, Albert Le Floch and Guy Robars, studied this dysfunction of image processing by the brain and came up with a somewhat unusual solution: the use of an almost imperceptible flash of light using a neural mechanism that increases our attention tenfold. And we got it: Heibian Mechanism.

Lili for Life, a French start-up, developed a connected lamp following the same principle as pulsating light. The flicker frequency is adjustable to adapt to the needs of each user, which greatly reduces unwanted mirror effect. Fewer accidental line breaks, greater clarity of spaces between words, and smoother reading, this innovation can significantly reduce the difficulties faced by people with this disorder and make it easier to learn from an early age.

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