Video. Incredible scene: he jumps over Aaron Smith and scores the try!

Fijian Sowakula has created a very useful and wonderful new artistic gesture. (© screenshot)

The leading competition in the southern hemisphere, the super rugby Pacific started last weekend with great fanfare, with its share of hair-raising moves and adorable gestures, sometimes coming out of nowhere.

Such a “hedge-leap” performed by the third Fijian midfield for chiefs, Pita Juice Suakolaabove half heights scrum, Aaron Smith. A technique inspired by the greatest hurdles such as Stéphane Diagana or Ladji Doucouré, which gives an astonishing result as it is effective, because this gesture allowed him to avoid dealing with All Black and turn around in the test with ease.

clever gesture and…

But is this new technical gesture invented by Pita Juice Swakula really permissible? As English international referee Wayne Barnes explains perfectly (in the video below), the rule states that forbidden to jump to avoid any interference in running gameunder penalty of penalty for dangerous play, but nothing to prevent jumping to score an attempt, as is the exact case with Fijians.

A kind of movement we sometimes see in American football is the former Pocket Wales player, Shane Williams (87 choices) Also used to try, with varying degrees of success.

Useful and stunning, this big jump enabled Hamilton Chiefs to beat their New Zealand rivals, Otago Highlanders of Dunedin (26-13), by scoring three attempts (Sam Kane, Peta Joss Swakula and Emoni Narawa), on behalf of the 1time Pacific Super Rugby Day.

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