Video- During their stop during the cruise, they are slow in returning to the ship… and end up shipwrecked on an African island

The travelers who stopped on an island off the coast of Africa were unable to return to their boat.
The leader refused to allow them entry because they arrived late at the meeting.
Among those who refused were a pregnant woman, a paralyzed man, and a heart patient.

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From dream to nightmare, sometimes there is only one step. Or an hour. First, for the eight people involved – six Americans and two Australians – it was about sailing along the African coast on the Norwegian Don, from Cape Town, in South Africa, to Barcelona, ​​from March 20 to April 10. But their journey stopped suddenly on the twenty-seventh of this month, with a stop on the island of Sao Tome and Principe, off the coast of Gabon, which the eight cruise passengers pledged to visit outside the official program. But they returned to the pier an hour late compared to the scheduled time. The captain weighed anchor without them, leaving them stranded there without money, luggage and medicine.

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Among them were a pregnant woman, a paralyzed person and another with heart problems… as well as Jill and Jules Campbell, an American couple, the only ones who had a bank card, and thus paid for the lodging and lodging costs of the latecomers. Food on site. For a modest sum of $5,000 (about 4,600 euros). Which makes failure to meet deadlines expensive. But the company, right on its heels, was content to respond, via press release, to that “While this situation is unfortunate, guests are responsible for ensuring they return at the advertised time, which is widely disseminated via internal communication, and is posted immediately prior to ship departure.”.

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The group then attempted, without any travel document or vaccination certificate (required almost everywhere in Africa), to reach the ship, after a fifteen-hour journey crossing six countries (during which the person with a heart condition fell ill due to a lack of medicine), On March 31 in the port of Banjul, Gambia… Unfortunately, the boat was unable to dock there due to low tide. The latest news is that they are now hoping to make it happen in Dakar, Senegal. But they were no longer quite sure they wanted to return to the ship. “After what we witnessed, we are sure that there was a set of rules that the company followed, but very strictly.”courtesy of Campbell on NBC.

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