Very bad news for Baldur's Gate 3 fans waiting for the physical PS5 and Xbox Series versions

Very bad news for Baldur's Gate 3 fans waiting for the physical PS5 and Xbox Series versions

Game news Very bad news for Baldur's Gate 3 fans waiting for the physical PS5 and Xbox Series versions

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Baldur's Gate 3's biggest fans are impatient while waiting for the physical versions of the game to be released from Larian Studios, and we understand that. Unfortunately, players will have to show a little patience, because Larian is facing a big problem!

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Everyone is fighting for GOTY 2023

Taking time to do things is good. This is what we saw with the official release of Baldur's Gate III In August 2023 after nearly 3 years of early access steam. This long period of early access allowed Larian Studios To improve the game based on fan feedback, to deliver a gem with likable characters, a great story, and gameplay so diverse that no two saves are the same. This process has an advantage, and has been greatly rewarded during Game Awards 2023since the game stopped 6 prices Show him 8 nominationsin addition to the coveted prize, which is Game of the year.

In other words, Baldur's Gate 3 It has a few things under the hood, and given the pace at which the developers continue to update the game to add content and fix bugs, the title Larian They are more likely to remain in your memory for longer. The popularity of this RPG has recently surpassed 10 million copies soldA number that is likely to increase with the arrival of upcoming physical releases PlayStation 5 And the Xbox seriesand even a deluxe version of Computer. But these long-awaited releases are long overdue…

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A big problem

there is little, Larian Studios announced that the first wave of pre-orders for the Deluxe PC version of the game have begun distribution. In case you didn't know, this version contains a physical copy of the game Digital rewards (OST, art book, character sheets) and physical (STICKER, STICKERS, CARD, DECALS, OST), and it is by no means limited edition, so you can get it later. Unfortunately, it's in this same press release Larian He apologized to fans explaining that the physical releases of PS5 And Xbox series You are late for your scheduled appointment for an important reason.

In fact, it seems that the physical releases of GOTY 2023 have become (literally) heavy, since the delay in the console releases is due to the size of the game, which requires not 3, but 4 discs to be installed. Xbox series. We were actually surprised to see games like Final Fantasy VII Rebirth In 2 tablets on PS5But 4 discs is a real record for a 9th generation console! Even if the version PS5 It is not affected by this small production issue because it will only contain two discs, Larian Make the decision to send both editions at the same time By the end of April. This way, no one gets jealous!

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