Vertigo Park Cognac wants to become a place to live

Vertigo Park Cognac wants to become a place to live

The weekend was intense. It is difficult to assess the situation face to face, but we reached 1400-1500 people on Saturday according to Florent Vergne, co-director of the structure with his two brothers Thomas and Roman. There are 35 employees, with a recruitment motto: “Good people, we look not at diploma but at behaviour. We want people who send positive vibes,” pleads the co-manager.

The decor is industrial: down-to-earth design, black ceiling, partly brick wall, dim lighting, furniture that plays with leather and fabric. It is easy to leave space for the other through the glass doors, the place wants to become a living space where everyone can find an activity that suits them. At La Cervoiserie, a stage is set up, broadcasting football and rugby matches. Vertigo has a bowling alley, which is its strong point according to Florent Virgin because it offers 12 lanes lit by a 22-meter screen. 60 trampolines allow you to try your hand at slack line, basketball, dodgeball, wall running tricks, etc.

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Upstairs, there is a billiards room and a view from the top of the trampoline. For the little ones, they have their own secure playground from the age of 3, a room designated for birthday parties. A laser tag game completes the show.

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