Vertical art, the new comfortable space for climbing all year round – Grenoble city guide

Vertical art, the new comfortable space for climbing all year round – Grenoble city guide

What if we told you that climbing and cooling down is possible? Vertical Art, the new climbing gym just opened 10 minutes from the center of Grenoble, offers us the opportunity to combine sport and relaxation alone, with friends or family, in a dedicated space of more than 1,000 square metres.

The promise of climbing and relaxing in a comfortable atmosphere

In the program: beer bar, home-made dishes, blocks for everyone, fitness equipment, sauna, spaces for remote working during the day and a cozy atmosphere for working after work, a huge terrace for barbecues in the summer, all nice and warm in the winter, cool in the summer. This is the promise that Vertical Art delivers in its new space in Saint-Martin-d’Hères.

In contrast to the noisy, cold and technical hangar, Vertical Art is a completely new climbing space where special attention has been paid to atmosphere and safety, to make climbing accessible to everyone, and to create a welcoming space so that, after a solo trip or a companion session, you feel absolutely fine. And it works!

About a dozen people work hard to make this a warm and versatile place to live. With admission, whether for two hours or for a day, you get access to all the experiences of the place.

Sunday climber, experienced climber or simply wants to relax, there is something to suit all tastes, levels and desires. Moreover, we approve the playlist and adjust the volume according to the time of the day to enjoy it until approximately 11pm every day.

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We especially like the possibility to come and work remotely, savor the dish of the day and then climb up, to end the day with a sauna after work and drink one of the many local beers accompanied by slabs of local cheese with friends.

A space also designed for the family, starting at age 4, there is a block in the center of the installation specially designed for children just off the cozy corner to monitor the progress of budding climbers. To add more fun, but also to encourage them to climb, once they reach the top of the wall, the slide waits for them to come back down in complete safety. Tested and approved!

When climbing is fun for everyone

With more than 1,000 square meters of rocks and 8 levels of difficulty, there is something here for everyone: sloped, positively or negatively inclined, straight, hand-shaped… Heated, cooled, mainly lit by natural skylights, full of colours, the place is bound to make you… Would like to start.

The aim of rock climbing is to develop your strength and power on your own, without any equipment other than slippers, which you can rent on site, and for more experienced people, to gain the confidence to then set out to rock climb in nature. Every month, all blocks are renewed, so you can challenge yourself and surpass yourself endlessly if you wish. The fitness area is waiting for you to warm up, and there is always a kindred spirit helping you in a friendly way.

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For those who are hesitant, Vertical Art organizes special discovery days for children, men and women only, to discover the art of climbing in complete safety. On this side, there is no need to panic, in the event of a fall, the huge mattresses on the floor guarantee a very gentle landing.

A shared passion in a dedicated space

Vertical’Art in Grenoble is a long story between Arnaud, in a post-coronavirus career re-shift, who is looking to open a rock room, and three Parisian partners, Thomas, Stephane and Mathieu, who are looking to get closer to the mountains. A few years later, here was finally the place he dreamed of, a place for everyone, with dozens of people in the room working in a good mood to welcome and accompany visitors of all ages.

Homemade and local brands are also at the heart of the project with the shop and restaurant offering local dishes and accessories such as this wonderful palette of meats and cheeses made less than 30 km from Grenoble or the Grésivaudan brand, YY Vertical.

In summer, the terrace welcomes you to enjoy a barbecue after work and relax. looking forward !

In the coming months, the space will also offer packages for seminar days and corporate evenings thanks to its fully equipped room.

Open since October 28th, walk-in entry depends on your wishes and given the size of the room and its perfect acoustics, there is no doubt that you will be able to climb in peace. Feel free to face the wall, it’s pure fun guaranteed. You will probably end your sessions by relaxing on one of the sofas, sipping local drinks to the music.

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