Verne Cotter before France – New Zealand in the World Cup: “The blacks will be there”

Verne Cotter before France – New Zealand in the World Cup: “The blacks will be there”

The former coach of Clermont and Montpellier, and the former coach of Scotland and Fiji, is living the experience of the World Cup, which begins on Friday, in the heart of the Romanian technical staff. Libourne resident Vern Cotter gives us his impressions ahead of the opening clash between France and New Zealand (9.15pm).

“I'm the one who appreciates good Bordeaux wine, and I'm spoiled here in Libourne,” Vern Cotter says with a laugh in the introduction to his interview with us. The New Zealand technician, who spent a large part of his coaching career in France, will take over from the Auckland Blues after completing his stint (on schedule) with the Romanian national team during the World Cup.

In the meantime, enjoy the warmth and sweetness of the Bordeaux region. He talks to us in particular about this celebratory poster that will kick off the World Cup matches, Friday, at the Stade de France, between two countries he knows almost by heart.

First of all, what is your role in the Romanian team that you just joined?

At the request of World Rugby I have come to bring my experience to this team. I look after a little bit of everything actually, it's pretty universal.

“Among the current staff, there is a young New Zealand coach who I coached a long time ago when he was a player. He's been in Romania for eight years and coaches Dinamo Bucharest. I'm also giving him a chance for three quarters.”

Bastien Chalauroux (15th King of France): “I repeat, I am not a racist, I am a unifier.”

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And what is the state of mind of this “small” rugby nation when facing the best in the world?

“Yes, Romania starts from a very long distance against the next opponents (Ireland, South Africa, Scotland, Tonga). We play the big three first, and the goal will be to try to advance and store as much confidence as possible. “In the last match against Tonga, of course we will not We talk about sporting goals in terms of results.”

What inspires you in New Zealand just days before facing France in the opening match?

“Like other teams, the Lions follow a careful preparation process for the World Cup. It is very important for them. The plan was respected this summer after three victories over the southern teams (South Africa, Australia and Argentina). Because he discussed it with Joe SchmidR (Editor's note: his former assistant at Claremont in 2010)part of the New Zealanders' crew, these successes have given them certainty and they believe they have advanced in the ability to adapt to all situations.

Only, they didn't think that after the 35-20 win in South Africa, where they were dominant in July, the Springboks would react so horribly. They were very vindictive. The Boks wanted to capitalize on this match at Twickenham (Editor's note: 35-7 win) To launch the World Cup and send a message. The blacks were therefore surprised, and were not, in my opinion, in the same state of mind as the South Africans. “They were surprised by the strength and pressure of their opponents.”

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Does this call into question the All Blacks' chances in this competition?

“People I know inside the Black team have told me that maybe they finally need that big slap in the face. Especially in terms of the behavior of the strikers. After winning three games in the summer, they are realizing that the level is rising. The World Cup is coming.” It has to be something else. . “They know now that if they show the same state of mind against France, if they are poorly prepared physically and mentally, they will attack.”

How do you see this match and is it really decisive for the rest of the competition for both teams?

This is going to be a very good rugby match. I am sure. In my opinion, black people will be there. It is an important meeting, but not decisive for qualification.

He added: “But be careful, the opening match, with such a rivalry between the two, would bring confidence to the winner.”

What was said in New Zealand before this shock?

“The New Zealand press often insists on the fact that France is the team the All Blacks don't like to play in a World Cup. The Blues often make them miserable, no (He laughs). The match is a great opportunity for New Zealand, if won well, to gain an important psychological advantage for the future.

Who is your favorite team in the tenth edition of the World Cup?

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“There are four for me, Ireland, South Africa, France and New Zealand, and unfortunately, these teams will meet in the quarter-finals.”

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What do you think of the Irish who have never broken the glass ceiling of reaching the quarter-finals?

“There are a lot of people who think that way. In Bordeaux, since we have been here, people say, yes the South Africans can win, the French of course, the blacks of course…but there are not many people who think so.” “I believe in Ireland's chances. For me, they are hiding their game. I watched their last match against Tonga, they did not play 100%, they came into this competition masked.”

You'll find out more this weekend (Saturday, 3:30pm in Bordeaux) as your team, Romania, takes on Ireland…

(He laughs)…Yes, it will be difficult for us. I think most countries are waiting for the first match to fully start the World Cup. As for the Irish, the real question is how strong they are.”

Is this to say?

“As you know, Leinster's two defeats to La Rochelle in the European Champions Cup final are revealing. These failures hurt the Irish. They could not compete in the physical dimension with Rochelle for more than 80 minutes. And this observation, all the technicians did it. So…”

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