Variables identified in Brazil and South Africa “tend to decline in recent weeks,” according to Jane Castex.

Variables identified in Brazil and South Africa “tend to decline in recent weeks,” according to Jane Castex.

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11 x 20 : good morning Embed a Tweet. The numbers prove you right: Il-de-France lags behind other urban areas (with only 16.5% of the population receiving at least one injection). In addition, the region is the most affected, both in terms of hospitalization and injury rate, as shown in the graphs. In our dashboard. But there is an explanation related to the public concerned with vaccination. If the departments of Ile-de-France are among those receiving the least amount of vaccination, it is first and foremost because the number of elderly people is less important than anywhere else, he explains. Release.

11 x 20 : good morning. I know you’ve received a lot of comments or questions and thank you for taking the time to address some of them. So I try my luck again. The IDF is pretty darn darn when it comes to the percentage of the population that has been vaccinated. It is an anomaly that no one seems to have affected while it is a dense area and it is the most affected by the epidemic. I find it particularly scandalous

11:15 a.m. : Prime Minister Jean Castex says so Variables [sud-Africain et brésilien] Too few and tend to regress’During a trip to Roissy Airport to witness the implementation of a program New protocol. He stressed that “it is necessary to stick to this line.”

11h 09 The press release states that students are opposed to taking exams face-to-face, during the pandemic, such as BTS’s exams, scheduled for April 27-28. A brief appeal has also been submitted to the State Council to cancel any face-to-face examination.

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11 Q 13 : According to their lawyer, Fabrice de Vizio, he presented more than 1000 different students and groups Complaint of “endangering the lives of others”Before the Court of Justice of the Republic, against the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blancer, and the Minister of Higher Education, Frederick Vidal.

11h03 : “Health clearance for major events, yes, but for everyday life, that would be a long way off.”

Majority member defends On franceinfo The idea of ​​a health passport, but not to go to the cinema or a bar for example.

11:15 a.m. : India has identified approximately 350,000 new pollution Coronavirus 24 hours a day, an unattended peak in the world. And the local authorities decided to extend the detention for a week in the capital, New Delhi.

10 x 50 : A fire killed at least 23 people last night in the intensive care unit of Covid-19 patients IraqThe most polluted Arab country. These are oxygen cylinders “Stored without compliance with security requirements” Which is the origin of the disaster, according to medical sources.

11 Q 23 : “It doesn’t seem to me that the numbers are very favorable to the reopening of schools.”

Going back to school tomorrow is worrying. At the moment, I have a lot of students with Covid-19 who have warned me that they will not be there at the beginning of the school year. ”And the Confirms on franceinfo Catherine da Silva, principal of an elementary school in San Denis.

10 x 32 In Peru, the government has ordered the compulsory use of two masks simultaneously, inside stores and other densely populated places, after a sharp increase in deaths and injuries in the country. Covid-19According to a decree published on Saturday.

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10 Q 18 The French sector has been boosting (production of masks increased from 3.5 million per week to 100 million, according to Percy), but companies have suffered from shortages from the start: That of raw materials.

10 Q 16 In March 2020, the Head of State announced his desire to re-launch a French sector for the production of sanitary masks, in order to achieve an investigation “Total and complete independence”. A year later, the contract was only half completed. We’ll explain everything to you In this article.

10 x 46 : Five people were arrested and eight police officers were injured in London, according to police, after accidents during a large-scale demonstration. Protesters marched against health restrictions in place in England, including the wearing of mandatory masks and the possible introduction of “vaccine passports”.


10 x 50 We immediately start updating the news:

• A fourth person has been detained as part of the investigation into the attack on Rambouillet (Evelyn) police station. Here What we know about the attacker profile.

• The government will launch “Before the end of summer” An awareness campaign against drugs Gerald Darmanen announced in an interview The Sunday Newspaper (Article for subscribers).

• The number of Covid-19 patients in intensive care Stay steadyTo 5,958 people, according to figures released yesterday by French Public Health. These services received 348 patients within 24 hours, compared to 436 yesterday.

• Joe Biden Recognition of the Armenian Genocide, The first of its kind for an American president. In response, the Turkish foreign minister summoned the US ambassador to protest.

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• The four astronauts of the capsule Dragon CrewHe, including Frenchman Thomas Pesquet, entered yesterday On the International Space Station. We look forward to starting our work on board the station. “ French said.

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