Valerie Heyer encourages “left-wing voters” to vote for her instead of Raphael Glucksmann

Valerie Heyer encourages “left-wing voters” to vote for her instead of Raphael Glucksmann

She confirmed to France Inter that the renewal has today become the “third force” in the European Parliament.


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Valerie Heyer, head of the European presidential majority list, March 4, 2024 on France Inter.  (France Inter/Radio France)

Just named at the top of the Europeans' presidential majority list, Valerie Heyer is making an appeal “For left-wing voters” Tends to vote for Raphael Glucksmann. “Look who is influential and who has the ability to move the lines in Europe.”The European Parliament announces, Monday 4 March On France Inter. “Today we are, it is the third force [au Parlement européen]”Renew the collection”He confirms to those who claim that he is not an alternative candidate When all periods are rejected.

“If we really want to have the ability to act on social issues, on issues of environmental transformation, we have to be able to toe the line in each of our political groups.”She insists. The political group to which the leader of the Socialist/Public Square list belongs is the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, the second largest party.

“We vote on the same thing.”

“I regret that in Brussels we voted for the same thing, but Raphael Glucksmann remains subordinate to the Socialist Party, under the control of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.”“, she declares.

In the latest opinion polls conducted in preparation for the European elections, the presidential majority list lags by about ten points on average from the National Rally list led by Jordan Bardella. These polls were conducted before the Macron camp determined the name of the head of its list.

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