Val de Marne. Matrice / Evry, worked in the public space in Evry-sur-Seine

Matrice/Evry, a work of art installed in Evry-sur-Seine (© DR)

Since the beginning of September, residents and passers-by of Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne) can discover Artwork installed in the Everyport area. Matrice / Ivry – The name of this project is the site of Agnès Thurnauer – to open on Saturday 2 October.

The link between the city and the individual

Matrice/Ivry is a set of 20 function chairs from the Matrices/Assises series by Agnès Thurnauer. Made of letter molds, the “Matrice/Ivry” features 20 fixed letters of the alphabet at seat height, made of bronze and located in the aisle of the Place de la Flourerie. The Matrix concept, the functional sculptures that provide the foundation, is to offer a place for a common language in the heart of the city. The work refers to Greek forums where citizens can come to discuss and debate. Designer Agnès Thurnauer explains:

“In Ivry-sur-Seine, I also wanted to play on the integration of the public and private space: 20 consonants in large format are located on the square and vowels, in a smaller format, will be presented to residents. The alphabet makes it possible to “pronounce” the language, ensuring complementarity Urban language and intimate language respond to each other.”

Agnes Thornauerartist

The work will lead to an interface with the public and schools in the form of workshops, meetings, readings and events developed with city services. There is a version that traces the history of the project from its beginnings. The vowels, produced on a smaller scale, will be presented to the evry people who live close to the work … thus the connection between the city and the individual, between public and private spaces, is realized. We want to create the beginning of a common story between the residents of Ivry who have recently arrived in their new homes in La Minutere! ”, considered for his part Ivry-sur-Seine advisor, Philippe Boisseau (PCF).

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This operation was prepared in partnership with developer Zac Ivry Meets Sadev94 and the Ministry of Culture, as well as DRAC in Ile-de-France.

“Matris/Evry,” by Anais Thornauer, Passage Square de la Minotri, Evry-sur-Seine. Saturday October 2, 2021 at 6 pm

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