USON Nevers line up four rookies at kick-off against Grenoble

On their first outing in preparation, USON started, against Montauban, with a team without a rookie. The second test, against Grenoble, will put recruits to work from the start.

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In the first row, Aselo Ikahehegi, on loan from Racing 92, will start to the right of the fight, against Georgian Luka Goginava. A good test of his combat uniform, for a player with great potential he has never played professionally. He will be associated with Jordan Seneca and Janick Tarrett.

There’s no second-tier rookie, but Fabian Weitz, who arrived at the Joker at the end of last season, and Thomas City, who was injured during the second half of the season, are unmatched. the first.

Adendorff at 8 and Cottin at 9

South African Shaun Adendorf will start on the third row lane. Montauban is very tough to face, the former Aurillacois is one of the most awaited recruits this season. He will be flanked by Luca Plataret and Jason Fraser.

Yoan Cottin, who arrived from Agen where he was loaned by Toulon, will start scrum, where his association with Shawn Reynolds will be closely followed. The opener is coming off the closing season with a left knee injury.

Avita Silago in the second opening match

At the back, only one recruit will be lined up from the start. Aviata Silago will start at the center, along with Alivereti Loaloa. The New Zealander, who arrived from Sabiak this summer, can play for different records and develop as a second start, like Rudy Derio last season.

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The other recruits will be on the bench: Quentin Peuda, Kevin Noah and Benjamin Dumas, except for Andre Charlatt, who is injured in the shoulder.

fifteenth start : 1. Seneca, 2. Tarrett (chapter), 3. Ikahiji; 4. Weitz, 5. Sett; 6. Plataret, 8. Adendorf, 7. Fraser; 9. Cotten, 10. Reynolds; 11. Ambadyang, 12. Silago, 13. Lualua, 14. Blanc; 15. Camo.
Alternatives: Corey, Mataradze, Bioda, Mudariki, Yilmaz, Bradshaw, Nguel, Kazubek, Noah, Gasco, Faberge, Guillaume Manifi, Vuillemin, Direux, Paris, Heri, Duma.

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