USB-C / Lightning cable spies on keyboard

USB-C / Lightning cable spies on keyboard

Lightning cables are not without risks. Especially when it gets tampered with by the MG hacker, who had already resurrected the security research community a couple of years ago with its own Lightning/USB-A cables capable of stealing data on a Mac. So he fired Small production of this elegant cable (But it’s dangerous in the wrong hands).

MG is doing it again with an improved version of the hack, this time for a Lightning/USB-C cable! Many told him that there was very little room in the plastic sleeve to protect the USB-C connector, which is why he wanted to prove them wrong. The snout is about half the length of the sheath.

The snitch in the question.

Once an OMG cable is connected to a Mac, it creates a Wi-Fi network that a hacker can connect to; With the help of the web interface, he can secretly record keystrokes on his victim’s keyboard. Thus, usernames and passwords are likely to be obtained. If the bastard has to be physically close to the person to be spied on, this new cable still runs at a distance of 1.6 kilometres.

The cable also has geolocation functionality, which allows the hacker to block the running of the spy component based on their physical location. Of course, its design is similar to Apple cables, which makes it easy to deceive the victim (MG also developed a version with a black cape). Manufacturing the cable has been complicated not only by the epidemic but also by the lack of components, but it is possible to order a copy from the Hak5 store (140 dollars).

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