USA: Pharrell Williams calls for a full investigation into the death of his cousin

USA: Pharrell Williams calls for a full investigation into the death of his cousin

After the funeral of his cousin Donovon Lynch, the singer participated Pharrell Williams running Instagram With his sadness. After the investigation left many questions unanswered, he contacted federal authorities United States of America To adjust it. No direct email to the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia was received. Lynch, 25, was shot dead by a police officer on the street in late March. The course of events could not be fully verified because the policeman’s body camera was not activated. The Virginia Beach Police Department recently transferred the investigation into Lynch’s death to the Virginia State Police.

“I had to give a speech at my cousin’s funeral and I was overwhelmed,” Farrell wrote in a post on social media. “Lots of unanswered questions from the city and the state. With all due respect, I am asking for a federal investigation. I also humbly ask that you keep the family in prayer. His name is Deneuve von Wein Lynch.”

In the early hours of the morning on March 27, Lynch was shot and killed along the mile of the famous Virginia Beach hotel and restaurant. Previously, two other shooting incidents wreaked havoc in the neighborhood. Lynch is one of two of the dead and eight others who were injured.

According to local police, Lynch was in possession of a pistol that was found at the scene. The body camera of the officer who shot Lynch has not been activated. The perpetrator and the victim were both blacks.

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Lynch lived in Virginia Beach, where his cousin Williams grew up.

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