US Biathlon's Favorite Recruit – Sports Information – Skiing

US Biathlon's Favorite Recruit – Sports Information – Skiing

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Campbell-Wright, just 20 years old, won gold in the sprint at the World Junior Championships at the beginning of March. Favorite performance of this athlete who is considered one of the best players of his generation.

The New Zealander, who has been training with the US national team for a year, has already finished 15th, 20th and 23rd at the World Cup, proof of his great potential.

Tempted by the man, the American team, seeking to rebuild itself, offered him a career plan and financial, technical and logistical assistance, an option that Wright finally accepted this week, without surprise.

“Thank you New Zealand, the results I have achieved so far have been achieved, which I, as a New Zealander, am proud of and will never forget my first races in a national team jersey.” he wrote on Instagram.

“I'm happy to share a bit of my New Zealand culture in the Northern Hemisphere and have no plans to change that. Thank you to everyone who has supported me back home over the years.”

“I made the decision to join USA because it offers me the best opportunity to achieve my goals.

Reaching the top in any sport is difficult, and it's even harder to do so without the right team around you. So, if I want to be the best athlete in biathlon, I have to join Team USA. Campbell-Wright added ambition.

His arrival in the US national team clearly pleased federation president Jack Gearhart.

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“We are now working collaboratively with Campbell-Wright, the AIBA, the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, the New Zealand Olympic Committee, the New Zealand Federation and the International Olympic Committee to finalize her transition to US biathlon.

We appreciate the support and commitment of all parties to bring the process to a successful conclusion.”

Campbell-Wright's change of nationality should be accepted fairly easily by the authorities, or even facilitated.

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