US air traffic control orders searches of Boeing 787 "Dreamliner"

US air traffic control orders searches of Boeing 787 “Dreamliner”

Dependent The American aircraft giant Boeing It arrives again due to potential production defects Long-haul 787 “Dreamliner” Negative pressure. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ordered an inspection of about 222 aircraft on Wednesday due to the risk of damaging so-called pressure relief panels to separate the passenger area. Depending on the authority, the defect can have dire consequences, for example if air freight catches fire.

The Boeing company statement was not initially available. Its rival, Airbus, has been grappling with the Dreamliner for a long time, which is slowing deliveries of the important model. It was already in September last year Deficiency reports providedDue to severe safety concerns, the machines had to be turned off:

  • The machines had several production faults at the rear of the fuselage at the same time. In the worst case, there was clearly a risk of air damage – with the structural loads of a normal flight.

  • Shortly thereafter, Boeing admitted another fatal flaw the company had known about since February. On 893 models of the 787, there was a premature material stress in the area of ​​the horizontal stabilizer. All affected machines appear to be still small enough that the physical defect does not initially have any safety related impacts.

In the previous year, too, there were headlines about potential security shortcomings. At that time it was Employees have warned of potential defective components in Boeing’s machines. Apparently, the suppliers supplied aircraft parts such as the central fuselage or wings that were not checked at all to determine whether they meet the originally agreed quality standards and characteristics.

The first Boeing 737 MAX took off in Europe

The group has already been hit hard by the fallout from the Corona crisis and the disaster on the best-selling 737 MAX series, which has been banned from flights around the world for more than a year and a half after two accidents that killed 346 people. At the end of January, the group also announced its annual financial statements for the year 2020 The bottom line is more than $ 11.9 billion lost (€ 9.8 billion) – Record loss.

After all, a Boeing 737 Max was allowed to take off on a commercial flight in Europe for the first time. A machine of this type, of the Belgian Toy Fly, took off Wednesday morning from Brussels to Alicante, Spain, and then to Malaga, as can be seen on Flightradar24. The European Aviation Safety Authority (Easa) expired at the end of January He agreed to return the machine type to flight operations.

The US Federal Aviation Authority had already given the green light to the 737 MAX in November. The worldwide flight ban has been in effect after two collisions with several hundred deaths since March 2019.

To get the green light to resume air traffic, Boeing made a number of technical changes. Among other things, the stabilization system software has been revised. Additionally, each airline has had to review its training program for 737 MAX pilots. Until the flight ban, the 737 MAX was Boeing’s bestseller.

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