Upgrade Windows 11 to Android 12.1 before your smartphone

The Windows 11 Insiders Program allows the use of Android apps. After debuting on Android 11, the system now supports Android 12.1, also called Android 12L.

Amazon App Store Windows 11
Amazon Appstore will allow Android apps to be installed directly on Windows 11 // Source: Neowin

One of the most striking elements surrounding an advertisement Windows 11 It is undoubtedlyAndroid Apps Access to Microsoft OSR. Currently, only people Registered in the Windows Insiders Program You can take advantage of it using the Amazon AppStore instead of the Play Store. But that doesn’t stop Redmond from posting interesting updates.

as pointed out the edgethe most noticeable point in Last updatedpublished on May 20, 2022, is undoubtedly the switch to Android 12.1 (understand Android 12 for) as the basis for Windows mobile apps. So far, the apps seem to work on Android 11.

As a result, something funny happens. If you don’t have a Pixel capable of running Android 12.1 as a smartphone, your Windows PC is theoretically capable of displaying a newer version of Android from your phone.

Wheel is better supported on Android apps

In addition to this small circle, Windows improves many points of the Android experience under Windows. Taskbar icons are now able to indicate “Android apps that are currently using your microphone, location, and other system services in the system tray”Windows writes on its blog.

We should also mention “better support” for the scroll wheel in apps, or the integration of toast into Windows notifications, these little popup messages that apps sometimes display. Additionally, “Android apps will not restart when you wake your devices from connected standby, but will resume from where they left off.” Enough to avoid restarting everything every time you go to make a coffee.

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