Updating an iPhone causes users to lose an essential feature

Updating an iPhone causes users to lose an essential feature

You've recently updated your iPhone to the latest version of iOS, 17.4, and you may be thinking that everything is fine. But did you know that this update has introduced a bug that may affect the proper functioning of some of your favorite apps?

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You may be one of the many users who have already updated their iPhone to the latest version of iOS, 17.4. However, this update brings not only improvements and bug fixes. In fact, it removes an important feature, and it's not just a problem for weather apps.

Paragliding app editor Flyskyhi A “Fatal Error” has been reported in iOS 17.4. According to him, the iPhone scale is no longer working properly after the update. This means that air pressure data is no longer available to applications, which can cause serious problems for some of them.

Important consequences for users of the Flyskyhy application

For the Flyskyhy paragliding app, this means that neither the altitude display nor the altimeter are working properly anymore. This is because these features rely on barometric pressure data to provide accurate information to users. This bug also affects the application's flight log, which no longer provides meaningful values.

This loss of functionality could have serious consequences for Flyskyhy users, who use the app to track their altitude and progress during their paragliding flights. Without this information, it is difficult for them to navigate and make informed decisions during their trip.

So far, Apple has not yet commented on this incident. So it is not known when the issue will be corrected and whether an update will be released to resolve the bug. In the forums, users are asking why application developers have not encountered the problem before, as Apple encourages its developers to test their products with pre-release versions of new versions of the iOS operating system. It is also unclear whether any errors in the current case have been reported to Apple.

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