Updated two unofficial Freebox apps

Updated two unofficial Freebox apps

New versions of “Zapette for Freebox” and “Comrade” are available on iOS.

Lost your remote control or run out of batteries? There is a solution, and that is to download an app to control Freebox TV. On iOS, the Zapette app for Freebox, like many others, allows you to use your smartphone as an additional remote control for Freebox Revolution. Convenient provided you are connected to Freebox’s Wi-Fi to use it.

In the new version 2.07 available on the App Store, the developer has made cosmetic changes to the icon and some keys to avoid copyright issues. In fact, Free is currently putting pressure on Freebox virtual remote control apps whose name is similar to its brand or whose aesthetics are too close to its hardware. For now, Zapette for Freebox hasn’t changed its name.

Useful and complete, the Camarade app for Freebox V6 also receives a new update 1.14 on iOS with brand new code, bug fixes and performance improvements. This application allows you to access various information such as Freebox status, your internet connection, temperatures, call history, online network devices, and a list of TV recordings.

The “Who Pumps My Box” function shows you in real time who is using the most bandwidth. It is very useful to know if there are abnormal uses that can slow down your network or simply to improve small connections.

This article was taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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