Update 23H2 is available with many new features

Update 23H2 is available with many new features

The latest major update for Windows 11, 23H2, is available to all users. It brings quite a few changes and new features.

Credits: Microsoft

That’s it, Microsoft has rolled out the latest big update for Windows 11. Version 23H2 is packed with new features and adds many new features. Unless you already have the Windows 11 22H2 Moment 4 Update installed, in which case you already have access to most of it. Furthermore, there was confusion since many users thought that this preview was actually the 23H3 update. At least there it is very clear.

Since it shares code and maintenance items with Version 22H2News such as classic update can be accessed in the menu Windows Update Subordinate Settings From your computer. If you are under 21H2 On the other hand, Microsoft specifies that it will be necessary to perform a “full operating system (OS) change to move to Windows 11, version 23H2.” In facts, This will extend the installation timeSo it’s best to run the update when you don’t need your computer right away.

Windows 11 23H2 update is available for download for everyone

In addition to accesscopilot reinforced bArtificial intelligenceyou can enjoy Full energy report Your device, very practical on a laptop. Let us also note Dark mode for Microsoft Paintor Window lightingwho manages RGB lighting for your components Without using custom software.

the program Conversations Become Microsoft Teams It installs itself on the taskbar by default. Finally, by opening Start menuI noticed that Windows 11 system components They are clearly identified as such in order to easily distinguish them from others.

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Windows 11 23H3 is available to download now regardless of your operating system version (Home, Pro…). If you don’t see it, wait a little longer. Microsoft may first have to resolve potential incompatibility issues for some users, but the update will arrive sooner or later.

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